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 Cannon County Polling Places


Precinct Polling Place Location
1-1 (West Side) School 3714 Murfreesboro Rd. Readyville
2-21 (Auburntown) Community Center 192 East Main St.
2-22 (Gassway) Fire Hall270  270 Gassaway Main St. 
2-24/4-42 (Short Mountain) School 5988 Short Mountian Rd.
3-32 (Woodland) School 8383 Jim Cummings Hwy. Bradyville
4-41 (East Side) School 5658 McMinnville Hwy.Woodbury
2-23 (Pleasant Ridge) Woodbury Grammer School 530 West Adams St. Woodbury
5-51 (Woodbury) Grammar School 530 West Adams St. Woodbury

NOTE: Woodbury and Pleasent Ridge precincts both vote at Woodbury Grammer School.  Pleasent Ridge are voters who live (roughly) north of Woodbury city limits to Sugar Tree Knob Road.  The Pleasent Ridge precinct is set up on the far side of the Woodbury gym.  Those that live withint Woodbury city limits will vote at the machines closest to the gym doors.  IF YOU ARE UNSURE, ASK A POLL WORKER.

NOTE:  Short Mountain Precincts TWO and FOUR represents voters in the north-east of Cannon County.  Those living (roughly) from Big Hill Road to Stones River Road are Short Mountian TWO voters.  From Stones River Road to Parchcorn Hollow and Vanhooser Road.  Please examine your voter card to be sure which precinct has your registration. 

The Election Office's phone number is 615-563-5650...call for more information.   

Early Voting
Cannon County Election Commission
301 West Main St. Room # 244
Woodbury,Tn 37190