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List Ordering Information & Form

Request a Voter List 

CDs,or paper lists containing voter registration data (the "voter list") are available for the following:

  • precinct
  • municipality
  • school district
  • county
  • State House of Representatives district
  • State Senate district
  • U.S. Congressional district

These lists are for Political Use Only  (TCA 2-2-138) FALSE CERTIFICATION IS A CLASS B MISDEMEANORS 


Visit the County Trustee's Office in the Courthouse.  Inform them you wish to purchase Voter Information.  The cost is $38.  Once they give you a receipt.  Bring the receipt to the Election Commission Office.  

Voter registration records include voters' name, address, voter ID number, precinct.

: If you would like voting history we will need to know which elections.

:If you need voter history by political affiliation we will need that.